Being a Leader

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 Being a leader is a formidable yet inspiring task. In any setting, the leader is a representation of the morality of their group, and those who follow them, do so with trust and willingness. A good leader knows this all too well, and this is often why a large ego has too strong a place in a leadership position. One of the most important attributes of a leader is their ability to be humble. Don't let the ego run wild and remain humbled by those who support you- and yourself.

Top 10 Don'ts for Resumes and Cover Letters

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1. Don’t misspell the Company Name or put the wrong company name on the cover letter. – Cover letters are great. They explain why you are applying for the job and why you are the best fit. Cover letters also give you, the applicant an opportunity to explain bumps in your career history. BUT as an applicant please check the company name listed on your cover letter. Daily, I see cover letters written to the wrong company or with the company name misspelled. Please check your cover letter before submitting.