The 6 Worst Things You Can Say In An Interview

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By now most semi-savvy job seekers know not to badmouth a former employer in a job interview because it’s undiplomatic and reflects more negatively on you than it ever will on your terrible former boss. You also probably know not to bring up salary or start inquiring about vacation time right out of the gate because doing so will make you seem like you aren’t concerned with the company’s needs. And you should definitely know texting or taking a call is inexcusable.


Why Marketing is the New Selling

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In order to thrive in today’s digitally driven business environment, sales folks need to think and act more like marketers. I suppose to some degree this has always been true, but it is painfully so now that prospects have access to mounds of information, have tools to deflect unwanted sales messages and have the ability to freely publish both flattering and unflattering information about the companies with whom they choose to do business.