The success of Century's Retained search services is built upon a strong full service search process. We start by understanding what your organization provides to industry followed by identifying key areas of interest for finding candidates: direct competitors, indirect competitors, suppliers, customers and finally individuals with the direct skill set as our opportunity. 

Once identified we continue with the phases of our retained search process:

Phase I -  Position Evaluation

Century Associates will meet with you to develop a complete and thorough understanding of the position to be filled and the qualifications of the individual you are seeking. Equally important will be a clear perception of the unique characteristics of the environment in which the successful candidate will be working.  Century Associates will initiate the process of candidate identification; this process includes substantial research regarding individuals already indentified by Century Associates, possible candidates known by Century Associates and candidates of competitive companies.

Century Associates will have full responsibility for identifying and screening all potential candidates covered by our Agreement for the position assigned.

Phase II -  Pre-Screening

Once potential candidates are indentified, they will be evaluated against the candidate profile, which includes the following process:

  1. In-depth interviews with each candidate.
  2. Development of a complete written profile on each candidate, which includes: professional / technical qualifications; job related interests; compensation packages and objectives; and assessment of the individuals overall suitability. 
  3. Weekly status reports will be provided to keep you involved in the process every step of the way.

Phase III -  Candidate Selection and Presentation

Candidates who meet the client criteria and are interested in exploring the opportunity will be presented to you.

  1. Century Associates will submit a written profile and a resume on each candidate to be interviewed.
  2. Coordinate timely interviews with appropriate client representatives.
  3. Referencing provided upon client’s request.

Phase IV -  Offer and Acceptance

After the final candidates have met with your representatives, Century Associates will counsel you regarding reactions of the various candidates. The development of strategy for a final offer, the management of a through reference checking process, and the closing of the successful candidate and the management of the transition.  Century Associates will also assist the selected candidate with advice on relocation, long term professional growth, and be available for continuous assistance as required.

In the event that candidates are not acceptable or the offer is declined, Century Associates will continue to work on the project until successful completion.