Greater Philadelphia
New Jersey
Bachelor of Science


5-10 Years

Develop new cost-effective PSA tapes for the automotive, graphics, and protective film markets in a timely fashion.

  • Significant adhesive formulating experience, including testing and evaluation, designing and making trial batches internally and with outside vendors.
  • FTIR/analytical chemistry experience preferred
  • An understanding of rheology and material properties (the way a wet adhesive, dry adhesive, and substrate behave when subjected to stress and strain and how that can impact the final product).
  • Experience with production and trial coating.
  • Project management in a time-bound setting. 
  • Experience with a majority of the following chemistries: 
    • Water-based and solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s),
    • Solvent-based synthetic rubber PSA’s,
    • Water-based and solvent based natural rubber latex PSA’s,
  • Experience with polymeric substrates like Polyethylene, Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PET), Saturated Paper backings.
  • The ability to write succinctly and present data in a clear, understandable manner.  Communication skills are paramount to the success of this position.

  1. Principal Responsibilities
  • Perform lab bench work and develop new PSA tapes for automotive, graphics, and protective film markets.
  • Prepare project feasibility, cost and time line required for incoming project requests.
  • Coordinate scale-up activities of final design, including establishment of raw material, process, and product specifications.
  • Work closely with the customer(s) and be the primary voice of the customer in a technical sense.
  • The ability to travel to customer sites and vendor locations for trials.
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate raw materials and equipment (interact with Purchasing and/or Operations to requisition material and/or shipment of quality materials).
  • Modify existing products to improve performance and/or reduce costs. 
  • Provide assistance to Marketing personnel as requested; answer technical questions and solve problems as necessary.
  • Communicate effectively with customers and suppliers as well as with manufacturing, marketing and sales personnel.
Qualifications and Requirements: 
  • Minimum BS degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer or material science. 
  • 5 -20 years of adhesive, tape, label, or flexible web processing experience involving formulation design using statistical tools to establish product validity and reproduce-ability. This position will have a heavy emphasis on formulation and customer product needs.
  • Technical service- interaction experience with customers/end-users to determine requirements and develop customized solutions.
Lisa Anderson
(215) 732-4311 ext 21