NW New York
New York
Bachelor of Science


10-15 Years

The daily supervision of the production units resulting in safe and efficient operation, while producing on quality product, in a timely cost efficient manner

  1. Operation of assigned production unit in compliance with established policies, procedures, permits and regulatory requirements
  2. Meeting or exceeding performance standards of assigned production unit including production rate, on-stream time, and raw material efficiency
  3. Meeting or exceeding quality specifications for manufactured products
  4. Prioritization and resolution of manufacturing difficulties (process or mechanical)
  5. Continuous improvement initiatives to enhance product quality, reliability and responsiveness to the customer
  6. Control of working capital and the promotion of inventory control principles
  7. Maintaining records pertinent to unit operations, preparing regular performance reports, communicating throughout the organization, and convening regular meetings with operating personnel
  8. Training of assigned personnel and support of these requirements for outside contractors
  9. Control of finished goods including satisfactory delivery to the customer
  10. Control of period costs
  11. Selection of new personnel, performance appraisals, and disciplinary action
  12. Maintaining a safe and orderly workplace
  13. Personal and professional development of skills

Performance Measurements

  1. Production Rate
  2. On-stream time   
  3. Raw material efficiencies
  4. Period cost control
  5. Operator Performance
  6. Safety Performance
  7. Environmental Performance
  8. Inventory Control
  9. Annual Quality objectives
  10. Annual performance review

Qualifications and Requirements: 
  • Education:     Bachelors degree in Science/Engineering, or equivalent
  • Required Knowledge:  Chemical processing
  • Experience needed:   3 years experience in chemical or other manufacturing/processing industry
  • Skills and Abilities:  Analytical, decisive, multi-tasked, and goal oriented individual is required with the ability to manage time and resources.

Physical Activities and Requirements of This Position

  • Finger Dexterity:       Routine typing and small tool use
  • Communication:       Ability to effectively write, listen and talk with all levels of an organizational structure including internal and external suppliers and customers
  • Repetitive Motions:  Routine keyboard operation
  • Visual Ability:  Ability to safely traverse through a physical plant structure, and routinely process written materials and operate a computer
  • Physical Strength:    Ability to safely traverse through a physical plant structure including entrance to confined spaces

Mental Activities and Requirements of This Position

  • Reasoning Ability:    Good analysis, trouble shooting and problem solving skills
  • Mathematics Ability:  Basic math skills
  • Language Ability:     Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Working Conditions: Chemical plant setting requiring comfort and knowledge in handling hazardous materials
Lisa Anderson
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